Novara Media is an independent multimedia outlet specialising in political commentary and analysis. I joined Novara late in 2013 and launched its articles section – then called ‘NovaraWire’ – in February 2014. I initially ran the section solo and then became Head of Articles as the articles team expanded.

Nowadays I divide my time between supporting the articles team and working as Novara’s Operations and Finance Officer. This means ensuring Novara Media runs as smoothly as possible on a daily basis – including plugging organisational gaps, convening the Operations Team, and liaising between the various Section Heads to ensure standards and ‘make things happen’.

Although I contribute to Novara’s articles, audio and video content from time to time, I’m generally more content staying behind the scenes. I’m also undertaking the NCTJ’s diploma in journalism.

As of February 2019, Novara Media is published by Thousand Hands Ltd, a not-for-profit company of which I am a Director.

Click here to email me at my Novara account.